Tournament and Local Rules

Qualifying Rules for 2016 Championship Flight Club Championship

Eligibility: Qualifying for the Championship flight is open to all male members of Hidden Creek Country club. Qualifying begins during the President's Cub tournament in early July and runs until week before the Club Championship in August. Non MGA members who qualify for the Championship flight, will not receive any prize money.

  • 16 Available Spots (2 automatic and 14 qualifiers)
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  • The 2 automatic spots are last year’s winner (#1 seed), that years Presidents Cup Gross winner (#2 seed) If one of the automatic qualifiers does not play then one more qualifying spot will be available.
  • Format for qualifying is Stroke play from the blue tees (except during President's Cup see below)
  • All qualifiers will be seeded based on their two best qualifying scores.
  • Players must report to the Pro Shop before starting his round and inform a member of the Hidden Creek professional staff that he will be attempting to qualify for the championship flight. The Hidden Creek professional staff is defined as the Head professional and assistant professionals.
  • Players must also obtain a signed scorecard from the Hidden Creek professional staff before teeing off.
  • Upon completion of each qualifying round the scorecard must be attested and turned back into the pro shop to validate the score.
  • Players will be allowed to attempt to qualify 3 times, of which the best two scores will be used. In the event of a tie the tiebreakers are the following; First, the lowest round of the three. Second, the lower third round and finally a scorecard playoff will apply using the player’s lowest round.
  • Players may attempt to qualify only once per day.
  • No player shall be allowed to practice on the golf course the same day as attempting to qualify. USGA rule 7-1.b
  • If a member successfully qualifies for the Championship Flight and subsequently loses in the opening round, then he is obligated to participate in the President’s Flight on the following Friday. Failure to do so will result in a suspension from playing in the Club Championship the following year.

You may also qualify in The Presidents Cup, and this will be from the white tees. You must declare at the beginning of the tournament. You will not have the option of choosing one round to qualify, Both rounds will count towards your three qualifying rounds.