Tournament and Local Rules

2016 MGA Cup

  • The entry fee for each golfer is $25.
  • The Tournament Committee will consist of the Tournament Chairman, the Head Golf Professional, and the President of the MGA.
  • This event will be conducted in accordance with the USGA rules of golf and Local Rules approved by the MGA and the Tournament Committee.
  • The Tournament Committee has approved the use of distance measuring devices.
  • Players shall check into the proshop prior to play to receive their match scorecard. Scorecard is to be immediately returned to the proshop at the completion of the match. The proshop will enter your scores into the handicap system.
  • All matches will be played using 100% of USGA HC revision (from the white tees) when the current bracket round started.
  • All strokes will be given based off the lower handicap player.
  • Caddies are permitted.
  • If after 18 holes the match is tied, the players will continue to play starting on hole #1 and continuing until there is a winner.
  • With approval by both players, a match may be played at an away course.
  • All matches must be completed before the deadline date for each bracket round. If you can’t complete your match prior to that date, then the two players, not the pro shop, must determine who advances. Otherwise both players will be disqualified.
  • The Tournament Committee may at its discretion amend or add any condition of the Championship.

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