Policies and By-Laws

Hidden Creek MGA By-Laws

These by-laws are to govern the actions of the Hidden Creek Country Club Men's Golf Association (MGA).


The purpose of the MGA Board of Directors is to promote the interests of the members of the Men's Golf Association through the conduct of golf tournaments and golf related events, and to establish a conduit for contacts and discussion with the management of Hidden Creek Country Club.


The Board has jurisdiction over the conduct of assigned golf tournaments and represents the MGA membership in golf related contacts with the management of Hidden Creek Country Club.


All adult, 18 years old and over, male golfing members of Hidden Creek Country Club are eligible for membership in the Men's Golf Association. Only those club members who have paid their annual dues, as established by the Board of Directors, are members of the Association and may participate in MGA tournaments. An exception will be made to permit junior golfers (under 18) to participate in the Men's Club Championship, Championship Flight, provided they meet the qualifying requirements. An additional exception will be made to permit employees of Hidden Creek Country Club, including golf professionals, to participate in MGA events. Only MGA members are eligible to vote in annual elections for the MGA Board. MGA membership is limited to amateur golfers only.


The Board shall have the right to suspend membership or permanently bar a member from joining the association for conduct determined by the Board to be detrimental to the MGA or other members of Hidden Creek Country Club. The MGA specifically references the Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and the R&A and notes that the "game [of golf] relies on the integrity of the individual to abide by the Rules". Accordingly, in the event any member of the MGA is determined to have willfully and knowledgably violated the Rules of Golf, then, upon consideration by the Board and in consultation with the applicable tournament rules committee, the Board may penalize such member with either a suspension or expulsion from the MGA. The tournament committee for all MGA events shall be the President of the MGA, the MGA Board member designated as the coordinator for that event and the Director of Golf/Head Golf Professional. The severity of the penalty shall be determined by the Board on a case by case basis. Any member subject to the aforesaid penalties shall have the right to appeal, either in written or verbal form. The board shall consider the appeal, and reserve the right to uphold or modify the penalty.


The officers of the MGA shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer and four other Board members. The president shall serve as the presiding officer of the Board and may assign duties and responsibilities to the Board members as may be needed.

The president with the concurrence of the board may appoint additional members or fill vacancies as they occur.

The president and two other members of the Board shall represent the MGA membership in discussions with the management of Hidden Creek Country Club.

The president or his appointee shall coordinate golf activities with the Hidden Creek Ladies Golf Associations.

In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall preside over the meetings.


The Board, at their first annual meeting, shall review and approve an estimated operating budget prepared in advance by the treasurer.

The Board shall set annual dues in an amount sufficient to cover estimated expenses including trophies.

Dues and other accounts shall be received and accounted for by the Management of Hidden Creek Country Club. The treasurer shall keep all financial records and submit a report as directed by the president.


The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and is responsible for monthly news items covering MGA activities in the newsletter.


The Board shall meet at least once a month during the golf season and shall schedule other meetings as needed. The president shall establish the agenda for these meetings.


Members of the MGA Board shall be elected by the membership. Vacancies and the time and place of the MGA election shall be announced through the Club newsletter. The membership shall be given an opportunity to nominate and elect the Board members by ballot or some other equitable system. The election should take place before the annual dinner. The names of the new officers shall be announced at the time of election and in the Club newsletter. The terms of office for the elected officers shall be two years. Any board member that wishes to remain on the board shall be given the opportunity to be reelected by the membership.


The MGA Board may suspend any member of the Board who is absent for two consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse or without informing the president in advance.


These by-laws may be revised, modified, and/or changed by a majority vote of the Board members.