Breakfast Tournament #2

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2024 Breakfast Tournament #2

June 30 The Hidden Creek Men's Golf Association (MGA) organizes and sponsors three Breakfast Tournaments each year. The MGA started these tournaments several years ago with the objective of affording members the opportunity to play with golfers they normally might not meet or play with. In other words, we want to get more of our members to know each other in order to enhance the spirit of camaraderie.

The Pro Shop puts together four-man teams, using A B C D player format, attempting to balance the total handicap of the teams. Some variation of "two better ball" is used for scoring each tournament. A shotgun start is organized at 8:45 AM. In order to encourage participation, we observe a "60/20" rule in these tournaments. If a player is over age 60 and his course handicap from the gold tees is 20 or higher, he may choose to play from the gold tees.

In addition to the subsidy from the MGA, a fee is charged for participation in Breakfast Tournaments. Included is a full buffet breakfast in the Tavern and the opportunity to earn daily sweeps and end-of-season prizes. The top three end-of-season finishers also earn Golfer of the Year points.

Entry fee includes:
  • Breakfast in the Tavern
  • Sweeps for the winning teams
  • Player of the Year points to members of winning team.

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