Tournament and Local Rules


Format: Four-Ball Match Play. Handicaps: Teams will be flighted based on the combined handicap indexes of the Member and his guest with six teams per flight. Competition Two man teams will compete against each of the other five teams in their respective flight, in a 9-hole better ball match stroking off the low handicap in the group.

General Information: The format will be a 45-hole, two-man net best ball, match play event playing the white tees.

Players will be assigned to flights of six, two-man teams, based on each team’s average handicap.

Each team will play a total of five (5) nine-hole matches against every team in the flight.

Prizes will be awarded to the first place team in each flight, as well as to the winner of the shootout, who will be deemed the Overall Champion.

Tournament Rules & Scoring: Each 9-hole match is worth 10 points. (1 point for each of the 9 holes plus 1 point to the winner-- in the event of a tie the additional point will be split).

There is no limit as to how many points a team may win in any given match.

Handicaps: Each player will receive 90% of his USGA handicap as the most recent handicap revision. The maximum allowable handicap is 36 for 18-holes.

Each match will be stroked off the low ball with the strokes being awarded as they fall on the card. ½ shots are awarded.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust a handicap at any time.

Ties: Ties for each nine-hole match will not be played off. Half points will be awarded to each team.

Ties for the flight champion will be determined as follows:

Will be resolved in favor of the team that won the most points in their head to head match, but both teams still advance to the Shootout.

If the teams in question tied their match, the Flight Champion will be determined by their performance in the Shootout.

Shootout Rules: The Shootout starts on Hole #15.

Teams eligible for the shootout are as follows: Winners of each flight (& ties) Wildcards (& ties). This will be the next four highest point totals from the entire field. Death Flight Winner and Ties – Last place team and ties in each flight will enter the death flight (Death Flight Winner will be the total accumulated points for the last three nine-hole matches.)

The format for the Shootout will be alternate shot of the partners, with teams receiving strokes as they would normally fall on the scorecard. Players must determine prior to teeing off who drives on the odd-numbered holes and who drives on the even-numbered holes. The number of teams in the Shootout determines the number of teams eliminated on each hole. 9 Teams go to the 16th Hole.

Weather: If the Shootout is rained out, the team that has accumulated the most points in the round-robin competition will be considered the Overall Member-Guest Champion. If a tie exists in this case, we will have a chip-off on #18 green.